The Incredible Facts on HOH and Hearing Loss

The Incredible Facts on HOH and Hearing Loss

He played the raging green monster “The Incredible Hulk” in the ’70s TV series of the same title. Thanks to his glossy credentials as a bodybuilder, he got the part. Lou Ferrigno was named Mr. Universe in 1973 and again in 1974. Ferrigno appeared as himself alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1977 bodybuilding documentary “Pumping Iron.” The next year, he began his five-season run as The Hulk (1978-82), paired with Bill Bixby as The Hulk’s mild-mannered alter ego, David Banner. After The Incredible Hulk ended, Ferrigno went on to other musclebound roles, including Hercules in Hercules (1983) and Sinbad in Sinbad of the Seven Seas (1989).

But during his younger years, “The Incredible Hulk” had another alias — “Deaf Louie.” He got the nickname from his hearing peers who teased him for being hard of hearing (HOH). Ferrigno lost much of his hearing after suffering from an ear infection as an infant. The constant ridicule from his hearing friends proved so hard for Ferrigno that at some point, he was sulked in depression and anxiety.

HOH is a term generally used to describe individuals who use their residual hearing and speech to communicate. Many hard of hearing people can understand some speech sounds with or without a hearing aid. Generally, these individuals supplement their residual hearing with speechreading, hearing aids and technical devices. A hard of hearing person, in audiological terms, may have a mild to moderate hearing loss.

People lose their hearing in various ways. The most common causes of hearing loss are:
· Childhood illnesses (spinal meningitis and rubella/German measles are the most common examples);
· Pregnancy-related illnesses (such as rubella/German measles or dependence on drugs/alcohol);
· Injury (a severe blow to the head can damage the hearing);
· Excessive or prolonged exposure to noise;
· Heredity (scientists involved with the mapping of the Human Genome Project have identified approximately fifty (50) “deaf” genes to date, and they are working on identifying the remaining 350 “deaf’ genes)
· Aging (progressive deterioration of hearing in older people, which is a natural part of aging process)

Another diagnosis that can result hearing loss among children is Otitis Media. It is the most common diagnosis in sick children in the U.S. Young children, infants, and preschoolers are particularly prone. Almost every child has at least one bout of acute otitis media before the age of 6.

Three tiny bones in the middle ear carry sound vibrations from the eardrum to the inner ear. When fluid is present, the vibrations are not transmitted efficiently and sound energy is lost. The result may be mild or even moderate hearing loss. Therefore, speech sounds are muffled or inaudible. Generally, this type of hearing loss is conductive and is temporary. However when otitis media occurs over and over again, damage to the eardrum, the bones of the ear, or even the hearing nerve can occur and cause a permanent, sensorineural hearing loss.

Hearing loss can be very difficult especially among children. Children learn speech and language from listening to other people talk. The first few years of their lives are especially critical for this development. If a hearing loss exists, a child does not get the full benefit of language learning experiences. This can affect the relationship of the child to his or her peers. This was proven true enough with the experience of Lou Ferrigno, during his childhood years while he was mocked because he was HOH. However, with Lou Ferrigno’s determination and to overcome the trauma of being a HOH, he was motivated to become a bodybuilder as a teenager by an experience very common to hearing impaired youth of the ’70s.

Today, Lou Ferrigno focuses on bodybuilding education. He has a website which offers booklets on bodybuilding. He has his own book on bodybuilding too: Lou Ferrigno’s Guide to Personal Power, Bodybuilding and Fitness for Everyone. In addition, both he and his wife Carla offer personal fitness training services to residents of the Los Angeles, California region. To this date, Lou Ferrigno, proves to be an inspiration, the incredible hero both to the non-hearing and hearing alike.

Is There Such a Thing as an Immune System Supplement, And How can It Be Of Benefit To Your Fitness Goals?

Is There Such a Thing as an Immune System Supplement, And How can It Be Of Benefit To Your Fitness Goals?

Many people wonder about the existence of an immune system supplement. Is there really such a supplement? Well, if you go to your health food store and start searching for an immune system supplement, you may be hard pressed to find one. Instead, you need to look towards research, and discover which products or substances have been proven to boost the immune system, which, in effect, could be considered as an immune system supplement.

A great deal of research has been conducted on the various supplements that are used in bodybuilding. Some of that research has yet to be conclusive, while other portions of that research have already given us conclusive proof regarding different factors of how supplements affect the human body, and bodybuilding in particular.

You would be amazed at the number of people who don’t realize that the immune system plays a vital role in the process of bodybuilding. While light exercise actually strengthens the immune system, the harsh exercise that bodybuilders do can actually weaken it. Bodybuilders put a great deal of stress on their bodies, and in response, this stress weakens the immune system. So, naturally, as a bodybuilder, it is important to consider an immune system supplement to prevent this from happening.

In this research we have also learned that whey is important to bodybuilding, for numerous reasons. One of those reasons is that whey protein isolate has been proven to have a positive effect on the immune system. In fact, when choosing between a whey protein isolate and a soy protein isolate, they whey often wins because of its increased positive effect on the immune system.

This research was conducted on two groups, consisting of 30 people, with 15 in each group. One group was given 30 grams of whey protein isolate twice each day, and the other was given 30 grams of soy protein isolate twice a day. The test continued for twelve weeks.

What was learned in this study is that the group that was given the whey protein supplement had increased levels of glutathione stores. This is an indication that the immune system is strong, or stronger. On the other hand the group who had the soy protein isolate had lower levels of glutathione stores, indicating that their immune systems were actually weakened, or weaker. The study also concluded that the soy protein isolate group had a decrease in the T4 thyroid hormone. At the same time, however, the amount of body fat, cholesterol, and triglycerides remained about the same between the two groups.

What this tells us is that in some areas of our health and body function, there is no difference between using whey protein isolate and soy protein isolate, but when it comes to the immune system, and immune system supplements, whey protein isolate is definitely the way to go. So, instead of looking for an immune system supplement in your health food store, look for a good whey protein isolate.

The Bodybuilding Benefit of Whey Protein

The Bodybuilding Benefit of Whey Protein

Whey protein has an incredible number of benefits, and it seems that current research just keeps finding more and more benefits, but fails to find any negative aspect of whey protein, which was once a waste product in the production of cheese. But what is the bodybuilding benefit of whey protein?

As you probably know, bodybuilders need a great deal of protein. In fact, bodybuilders generally take in twice the daily recommended allowance of protein. Most bodybuilders consume 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight, each and every day. But not just any protein will do when you are serious about bodybuilding.

Most serious bodybuilders will choose whey protein. Furthermore, they will choose the more expensive whey protein isolate, over the whey protein concentrate, to get a purer form of the whey protein, with less fat and lactose. There are scientific reasons why whey protein is preferred over all other protein sources for bodybuilders.

Whey protein is a complete protein, which means that it contains all of the essential and non-essential amino acids that the human body needs. It contains the right combination of amino acids that are needed by bodybuilders, which help the body composition, and serve to enhance physical performance. If that benefit of whey protein isn’t enough, it just gets better from there.

Whey protein also has branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs. In fact, it has the highest levels of BCAAs than any other food source. BCAAs are extremely important to bodybuilders, because they metabolize in the muscle tissue. In fact, when you are working out, these BCAAs are the first amino acids that your body will use – directly in the muscles. These BCAAs are essential in the repair of muscle tissue, and in rebuilding muscle tissue. But, the benefit of whey protein for bodybuilders continues from there.

Whey protein is considered to be a fast protein. It is easy to ingest and digest, and it is quickly absorbed by the body. In turn, it provides fast nourishment for the muscles. It is also a great source of leucine. Leucine is also essential for bodybuilders, because it plays a role in muscle protein synthesis and the growth of muscles.

If all of these benefits of whey protein weren’t enough, the list keeps growing. Whey protein boosts the immune system, by providing the body with higher levels of glutathione. This is a natural anti-oxidant which is present in the body; however exercise reduces the amount that is present. Whey protein serves to keep the level of glutathione, at the very least normal, if not higher than normal.

Then of course, there are the non-bodybuilding benefits of whey protein. These include easier weight management, diabetic control, nourishment for cancer patients, reduced chance of breast cancer, wound care, cardiovascular health, and a slow down of the aging process in muscles and bones. As you can see, the benefit of whey protein for bodybuilders is astounding. The benefit for everyone, however, is also astounding.

What Is The Correct Diet For Body Building

What Is The Correct Diet For Body Building

There is a common myth going around that you can go on a see all, eat all diet for body building. The theory is that as you are lifting weights, you will burn off anything you eat. This is pure nonsense. If you continue to eat unhealthy foods you will never get the body you desire.

When bodybuilding or following any other form of exercise, you should also look at your eating habits. Instead of eating three large meals a day, you need to start eating five to six smaller ones every 3 hours or so. This will help to burn calories by speeding up your metabolism but it will also stop you feeling deprived which is a common feature of some diets. Also if you are working out and your body is not getting enough fuel you can enter something called the catabolic state. This is where your body thinks you are actually starving and starts to store calories as fat and feeds on lean muscle instead. The exact opposite of the effect you are trying to achieve which is to build lean muscle and burn calories!

Eating quality food more regularly, you should also find your blood sugars are more regulated and you are less likely to reach for a sugary snack. Every meal in your diet for bodybuilding should include a mixture of food groups. If you only eat carbohydrates at one meal sitting, your energy levels will spike and crash. You will also produce too much insulin tempting your body into becoming a fat storing device.

Your body needs a combination of protein and complex carbohydrates to work at its optimum levels. Good examples of proteins that you should be consuming are eggs, chicken and turkey breast, tuna and good quality red meats. You also need some good fats in your diet although less than 30% of your calorie intake should come from unsaturated fats.

Diet supplements are big business in the world of bodybuilding. Some work, others don’t and some actually harm your health. Approach all supplements with a degree of caution. If they are being recommended as part of your routine, ask why? What is it that you are specifically lacking that taking these powders or pills will accomplish?

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan and want to start weight training you need to be extra careful. Unless you have a great well balanced diet, you may find that you lack energy and focus. This doesn’t mean that you have to start eating meat but a lot of bodybuilders do eat eggs, tuna and other fish. In other words they cease to be strictly vegetarian but do still avoid meat. They ensure that they eat a wide variety of vegetables, complex carbohydrates and good sources of vegetable protein such as Kidney beans and tofu. Vegans can be successful bodybuilders without compromising their beliefs but they need specialist help and advice on their diet for bodybuilding.

Adapt Your Bodybuilding Routines For Your Body Type

Adapt Your Bodybuilding Routines For Your Body Type

It’s fairly obvious that no two humans beings are exactly the same, thus it should come as no surprise that different people need to train in different ways and have different bodybuilding routines. One of the primary factors that will help you become a successful bodybuilder is to understand your own body, to realize what your limits are and to appreciate how your body will react under stress. Therefore in order to make the most of your bodybuilding routines and workouts you must know your body type and understand how it will affect your training.

Scientists have developed a body type classification system based on a number of factors and everybody falls into one of the following three categories (you may fall in-between, as these are quite generalized): endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. Once you have established your body type, you can them adjust your bodybuilding routine, training program and lifestyle accordingly. You should also speak to your doctor to get their advice before you start training and to get a check up.

The first category we shall look at is the endomorph body type. Endomorphs usually find it really quite easy to gain muscle mass, but also they find it very easy to put on weight. Thus having a great deal of self discipline is required to control your diet if you’re to be a successful bodybuilder. A great tip for endomorphs is to eat 6 small meals at regular intervals throughout the day to ward off hunger and snacking on junk food. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and don’t eat anything for at least a few hours before going to bed to facilitate fat loss. Endomorphs tend not to have too much difficultly putting on muscle mass, however if you want good definition in your muscles you’ll need to do plenty of cardiovascular training such as running. Doing this should increase your muscular definition by burning off excess fat. If you can, do your cardio training after your weights to burn off even more fat.

The next category we shall look at is the ectomorph body type. These are people who are generally tall, thin and have long arms and legs; they naturally have virtually no fat. Most ectomorphs often find themselves in endurance sports such as x-country running or athletics (high jump), however they can and do also become professional bodybuilders. The main thing that ectomorphs need to do is to start eating more of the right healthy foods, thus increasing the calorie intake to put on weight and build muscle. They should focus on weight training as opposed to cardio vascular training and train to failure so you can’t lift the last weight of a set. Make sure that you’re lifting weights at least 3-4 days a week, with a rest day between sessions to allow optimum recovery and muscle growth.

The final category are the mesomorphs, which fall in between the other two categories and are often the envy of the other two body types, as mesomorphs find it easy to build muscle and keep off fat. However, this can often lead to a false sense of security as having this mindset leads to missed training sessions, which eventually catches up with them. If you are a mesomorph just starting bodybuilding, don’t change the amount you eat, but eat healthier and make sure you are eating enough protein to facilitate muscle growth. Mix up your training sessions to incorporate both full body work out sessions and those to target specific muscle groups to improve definition.

It doesn’t matter what your body type is if you want to be a successful bodybuilder, just adjust your training routines and your eating habits accordingly. Be dedicated and passionate and you will achieve your goals.

Dietary Loss Supplement Weight Controversy

Dietary Loss Supplement Weight Controversy

In the world of bodybuilding, the dietary loss supplement weight controversy is huge. If you are serious about bodybuilding, this is an issue that you cannot avoid – especially if you have body fat. So, what is the deal with the dietary loss supplement weight controversy?

In recent years, many weight loss dietary supplements have been pulled off of store shelves by the FDA. It seems that they have horrendous side effects, such as heart attacks, strokes, and liver damage. But weight loss is still important in the bodybuilding world, so what should you do?

You should use the most miraculous body building supplement known to man – creatine. Creatine has an incredible number of benefits, it is safe, and it is highly recommended by doctors, scientists, and bodybuilding experts – and even weight loss experts these days.

It is amazing that there are still so many different dietary loss supplement weight products out there being used by bodybuilders – most of which do not work, and others of which are absolutely dangerous – when we have creatine which is highly approved of, incredibly effective, easily affordable, and simply proven to work.

Creatine occurs naturally in the body, and it consists of three amino acids, which include Methionine, Arginine, and Glycine. Once in the liver, these three amino acids are combined, and they produce creatine.

What scientists have found is that when you have plenty of creatine in your system, your muscles use more adenosine triphosphate during exercise. This is important, because this is what gives the muscles energy to perform the exercises that you are doing. The more creatine you have in your system, the more ATP you have, and the more exercises you can do.

Creatine is so effective in the process of building muscles that it has been deemed the legal steroid – even though it isn’t actually a steroid. Creatine is perfectly safe, and it does not change your estrogen or testosterone levels in any way.

In terms of weight loss, creatine is effective in that it has been proven to burn off excess fat while building lean muscle mass. This happens very easily. The idea is to absolutely drench your muscles with creatine, by taking a creatine supplement. This in turn will attract water to those muscles. When this happens, the muscles must expand, which makes them bigger.

Bigger muscles require more energy than smaller muscles. When they cannot find that excess energy anywhere else, the muscles will start using stored body fat for energy. Note that exercise is still required; however this is incredibly beneficial for body builders, and in recent years has settled the great dietary loss supplement weight controversy.

The Science Of Muscle Building

The Science Of Muscle Building

Bodybuilding involves more than just lifting weights. It pays to have an understanding of human kinetics. How do muscles work?

Muscles develop by making them work. Muscles can only work when the body is in motion. They work extra when we are in full motion. Thus, to develop the muscles to the maximum, we must make them work to the best of our abilities. Hence, the bodybuilding principle of “No Pain, No Gain.”

You can’t grow your muscles by doing nothing. You have to move around a lot. The only thing that will grow in points of inertia, if you remain stationary, is your weight. If you want muscle growth and power, you must work your body methodically. Muscle training is called a workout.

Muscles can be toned (or conditioned) by regular activities like brisk walking, jogging, and doing other slightly heavy works. But toning muscles will not grow them in size and beauty. You have to do more —lots more — to have stunning muscles. You have to workout. By the very term “workout,” you can have a good idea of what it takes to grow muscles.

Bodybuilding procedures using weights and other heavy-duty activities are the best-known muscle growers so far. You have to devote your life into this if you want extra visible muscles on you. You also have to do away with vices like smoking, drinking liquor, eating junk foods, etc.

Muscles grow in size only when they are moving. Try to be still in front of a mirror and you’d see no sign of any bulking muscle taking shape. Now, clench your fist hard, and muscle evidence will show at least on your forearm. This simple principle illustrates the potential of muscles being developed through repeated and graduated motions. As muscles are subjected to repeated exertions that gradually increase intensity, they grow and toughen.

The more intense the muscle activity, the better and faster the muscle is developed. Hence, a systematic muscle development program incorporating increased muscle stimulation builds more muscles effectively. If your exercise features no such system of increasing efforts and challenges to your muscle strength, your muscles can only grow so much. Some exercises do form muscles, but only to a certain extent. The muscles built only become regulating muscles that enable you to perform normal tasks effectively. But they cannot exceed in performing beyond such tasks.

On the contrary, a fully developed muscle does not only allow you to do normal tasks; it is calibrated to reach its full potentials — far beyond what regulating muscles can do. Bodybuilding helps you develop your muscles to the extreme.

Understanding Different Fat Loss Product Genres

Understanding Different Fat Loss Product Genres

There are different kinds of fat loss product genres out on the market today. These different kinds of weight loss tools will help you to lose weight in a variety of ways.

Many will use these different tools without a full understanding of how they can help them in their quest to use weight loss. They simply do not know how to use these tools together to be successful with their weight loss goals. These tips will help you to better understand four of the most popular fat loss products.

At Home Workout Equipment

Those who are trying to lose weight need to make sure that they are getting a healthy amount of exercise on a regular basis. At home workout equipment can help people to get that daily exercise. Workout videos will help to raise your heart rate, forcing you to burn more calories and lose more fat. Resistance bands, push-up bars, and actual weights can help the body to build muscle. Muscle will help you to burn extra fat.

Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills should not be relied on for your weight loss goals. If you plan on using weight loss pills, you need to supplement the pills with a healthy diet and a healthy amount of exercise.

There are specific weight loss pills on the market that aim to help people who are dieting and exercising. The pills simply help you to burn more fat as you exercise.

Healthy Foods as Weight Loss Products

If you are trying to lose weight, a major tool that you need to rely on is food. Food is a weight loss genre because of the important roll that it plays for your weight loss goals. If you eat too much of it, or eat bad foods, you will gain weight. If you control your diet and focus on healthy foods, you will lose weight. If you want to lose weight you must eat healthy.

Bars and Foods that Make you Full

There are multiple products on the market that aim to help you to feel full. These products include both food and beverage products. These foods are to be taken before you eat your meal. They help you to feel full faster, which will prevent you from eating too much food.

You can easily use products from all of these different fat loss product genres together. When you use each product, you can attack your weight loss goals from all angles.

You need to make sure that you add a healthy diet and a healthy amount of exercise to your daily routine to ensure that these tools can work for you. While they will be able to help you lose weight, they are not going to take care of the problem for you. You need to actively work to make sure that you reach your weight loss goals.

Body Building Basics – Building a better body you can be proud of!

Body Building Basics – Building a better body you can be proud of!

There are as many varied opinions on what “plan” one should follow to build muscle, as there are people who have those opinions. On one thing they do agree, however. You must have a regimen.

· You can begin by defining your objective.
· Why are you interested in body building?
· What do you hope to accomplish?
· What is your ultimate goal?

It’s all about commitment and belief. There is an abundance of information about how to begin and conduct your journey, but without a burning desire to achieve, you are doomed to inevitable failure.

The following tips are not intended to be a “one size fits all.” Take from it what you will. In that light, consider the following list:

1.Before beginning any serious weight lifting or body building regimen, consult your physician.

2.Set your goals. Define what you expect to achieve with your new bodybuilding campaign within a realistic time frame. If you create goals that are unattainable you are setting yourself up for failure. You can become bored, disappointed and disillusioned to the point where you may give up. This is a very sad outcome to what might have been the best decision of your life. Don’t sell yourself short. Set your long-term goals, of course, but also set short-term goals that are achievable. And, don’t forget to reward yourself when you do achieve them.

3.Consider the costs. If you don’t already have a budget, create one. Then, determine what amount of discretionary funds you have available for your bodybuilding program. This will determine whether you can afford to have a home gym or if your needs would better be served by joining a club. Joining a club is still a good short-term introduction before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on equipment that might not be appropriate for your needs.

4.Don’t forget some of the low cost alternatives to purchasing your bodybuilding equipment. If used equipment is still functional why spend the extra dollars just for a little glitz! Good, brand name used equipment is every bit as functional as something right off a showroom floor.

5.Consider combining a home gym along with a membership in a public facility. Purchase less expensive free weight equipment for use at home and join a gym to have access to the more expensive equipment. You can design your entire workout routines around a combination such as this.

6.Eat healthy! This can’t be stressed enough. The only true bodybuilding aids are good nutrition. Consult a licensed dietician. Watch your local community calendar for free seminars on diet and nutrition. Learn all you can about what nature freely provides that can help you to develop a healthy diet.

7.If you choose to use dietary supplements, make certain that you know what you are putting in your body. Follow the packaging guidelines we outlined above. Ask your physician for his/her recommendations based on the regimen you have selected. No friend, coach or acquaintance can take the place of your physician. In fact, you may even investigate finding a physician who specializes in sports wellness.

8.Be kind to yourself. Yes, it’s important to push to achieve your goals, but it’s very easy to tip the scales in the other direction and create a nightmare for yourself. Obsessive, compulsive behaviors are not conducive to a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle.

Bodybuilding on a Budget – It Doesn’t Have to Put Your Wallet in a Wheelchair

Bodybuilding on a Budget – It Doesn’t Have to Put Your Wallet in a Wheelchair

Believe me…
I’ve had my fair share of large bills especially when I’m trying to bulk up and gain weight.
Am I right about this so far?
Don’t’ worry… there are some really overlooked and rather inexpensive methods to get all the food you need without breaking the bank. But I have an even better idea… let me just start off with a quick list of foods that you can find at most grocery stories and warehouse locations that are cheap and are excellent sources of protein, carbohydrates and fats.
Low Cost Bodybuilding Foods (no particular order):
Olive Oil
Whey Protein Concentrate, in bulk
Chicken legs
Of course you’ll want to get servings of fruits and veggies but normally it’s the other foods that are expensive in bulk. With just the above foods, you can get many of them in bulk or for discounts and have plenty of wholesome foods for your bulking, cutting and bodybuilding endeavors.
By now, you’re probably wondering…
Okay, that’s a nice list of general foods I can use but I am taking some supplements. And they aren’t so cheap. I’d like to try everything I see in the latest muscle magazines but I really only have time for what works. Where’s the cheap list of supplements?
Inexpensive (best bang for your buck) supplements:
Fish oil
Whey concentrate
Creatine Monohydrate
Fact is…
I try a lot of supplements myself. I’m curious. I want to know what works and sometimes I stumble across something that is worth it. But the above list is the basic supplement list that I always return to no matter what. It’s part of the vitamin closet in the kitchen. If I have no time, no money or no desire to try anything new, I know that above is the only stash I need to make any gains I’ll need.
So let me summarize and review…
Bodybuilding on budget is real. If you look for specific foods that are great sources of protein, carbs and healthy fats and mix and match, you have a really well rounded selection to make many meals. No matter if you are on a bulk phase, cutting phase or just want to eat healthy, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive things you’ve ever done.

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