Muscle Weight Loss: Useful Tips For A Better Body!

As I watch the infomercials about weight-loss and as I hear “success stories” about losing weight, it seems like the definition of “success” is fast weight loss. “I lost 20 pounds in six weeks.” I lost 10 pounds the first week” That sort of thing. Yet, national figures indicated that 95 percent of us who lose weight gain it back. If these diets were so “successful,” why do we gain the weight back?

Research indicates that slower weight loss of a half pound to two pounds a week and preferably about a pound a week on average is the healthiest rate of weight loss and the rate most likely to be able to be maintained.

However, we are an impatient people by nature. I’ve spent most of my life in Church. And sometimes in church circles Christians joke about patience. They say “Don’t pray for patience because the “trying of your faith worketh patience.” We conveniently forget to add the rest of that passage which says, “Let patience have her perfect [or complete] work in you.” One of the great spiritual benefits of weight-loss is the development of patience. Weight loss takes time, it isn’t a straight line, there are weeks you lose and weeks you don’t, and consistency is more important than momentary flares of excellence. Reminds you of life, doesn’t it.